Crazy Things To Do In Sikkim

by On Jul 01, 2015

Most of our college days start with ‘love at first sight’ and end up with ‘beta, tumse na ho payega’! Well, doesn’t matter whether you were able to do it or not, but if you still remember that feeling, you know your college days were awesome! And in case, you don’t remember, you must visit Sikkim!

Why and when, well that’s not the question to be asked! This amazingly beautiful Indian state, with all its stunning beauty and enchanting appeal, will surely make you fall in love at just a blink; trust me, this time it won’t be like the ‘college days wala crush’! And to romance this scenic state, here is what you can do:

1. Trekking

Any trip to Sikkim is blunt without a trek to the bosom of any of the towering peaks that surround this gorgeous state! Whether you are an amateur, experienced or an expert, you can always have numerous trekking options in Sikkim. Here are some of the most popular as well appealing treks to take in Sikkim:


A.  Dzongri Trek:

Taking up this trek is just like romancing the high altitudes and the magical beauty of Sikkim! Originating from Yuksom, this enthralling trek takes you over 15,00ft and can be completed within 8-9 days. Over the course, you will be trekking through several natural wonders like dense pine, walnut and rhododendron forests, narrow and exhilarating passes, snow covered peaks and meadows and lot more.

B. Sikkim Khangchendzonga Trek:

With all prior experience and expert trekking skills, you can take this trek and have a tryst with the third highest peak in the world. Like most of the other treks, this challenging trek also originates from Yukson in Sikkim. However, on this trek, all your dream of passing through high altitude passes like Rhotang and Goecha La will come true.

C. Green Lake Trek:

Unlike most of the treks or any of the Sikkim attractions, a visit to the Green Lake requires permission and is almost open only to Indian nationals. The trek to this lake requires around10-11 days and take you to a gorgeous lake that appears emerald-green; the route to this enticing lake makes the trek, even more adventurous. Do not miss the opportunity to romance the

D. Singalila Trek:

Trekking through the Singalila Ridge is indeed one of the best things to do in Sikkim! Starting from Yuksom, the trek passes through the Singalila Range; a range that originates from the Northern-Darjeeling. On this trek, one will also be passing through Sikkim-Darjeeling and Nepal borders. Ideally, this remarkable trek is for those who has an attachment for the Mother Nature and wishes to discover all its enchanting beauty!

E. Tosar Lake Trek:

If you want to romance the high altitudes, this trek is truly meant for you! Reaching a maximum height of 13,000ft, this amazing trek will take you through the Mangan Ridge and Chola Range. According to the locals, this lakes is one of the sacred lakes in Sikkim and is thus devoted. During this trek, one can enjoy stunning views of the Mt. Kanchenjunga and several other peaks of the great Himalayan Range.

2. Visit Tourist Destinations

Sikkim, all across its length and breadth, is fringed with scenic destinations. Here are some of the most beautiful and best places to visit in Sikkim:

tsomngo lake

A.  Yuksom:

The first capital of Sikkim, Yuksom, with its enchanting beauty and appeal has become one of the most sought after tourist destination in the state. Established during 1642, this historical town is also the home to several monasteries, historical sites, pictorial lakes and indigenous Sikkimese cultures.

B. Gangtok:

While on a trip to Sikkim, make sure you do not end up losing all your mind to Gangtok! Nestled amidst scenic mountains and peaks, Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim proves to be one of the most appealing tourist destinations in the entire country.

C. Khangchendzonga National Park:

Tucked away amidst fascinating glaciers and embraced with the beauty of the nature, the Khangchendzonga National Park is one of the highest national parks in India. Previously known as ‘Kanchenjunga National Park’, this biosphere reserve is home to some of the endangered animals like Snow Leopard, Musk Deer, Himalayan Tahr, Wild Dog, Solth and several others. It also houses around 550 species of birds that include Satyr Tragopan, Blood Pheasant, Himalayan Griffon and others.

D. Tsomgo Lake:

One of the gorgeous Sikkim attractions and closest attractions to Gangtok, the Tsomgo Lake; located at 12,400ft, is truly a nature’s wonder. A lake that changes its shape according to the season, it wears the most appealing look during the springs, when the entire vicinity blooms in different colours. Holding high religious values, the lake is also considered as a holy site by the locals and is also worshipped during ‘Guru Purnima’.

E. Nathula Pass:

A historical route, the Nathula Pass served as an important point between India and Tibet. Located at around 14,450ft, it was later closed in 1962, and is now open only to Indians. In the entire of Sikkim, this pass is the most ideal place to witness the Indo-China International Border. Its riveting height also makes it one of the highest routes in the world.

3. Adventure Activities

High elevation, fascinating peaks and other natural marvels make Sikkim one of the most adventurous destinations in the country. Amongst all, here are some of the adventure options that are considered as the must things to do in Sikkim:

paragliding sikkim

A. Paragliding:

If you ever had a dream of spreading out your wings and fly like a bird, Chakung in Sikkim is the destination for you! Located around 3 hours from Gangtok and in the western part of Sikkim, this quaint destination is an ideal paragliding destination. Since most of the flights conducted here are tandem, everyone can participate and enjoy their dream flight in Chakung.

B. River Rafting:

The alluring Teesta and Rangit rivers that makes their way through the ravines of Sikkim entices the river rafting enthusiasts like any other destinations in the country. With easy to challenging rapids, rafting in Teesta River usually starts from Makha and continues till Rangpo with Sirwani on its way. On the other hand, the Rangit River offers challenging rapids from Sikip to Nayabazar and continues to Melli.

C. Mountain Biking:

For an adventure devotee, a trip to Sikkim is never complete without indulging into an enthralling mountain biking expedition! The towering height, rugged terrains, hilly ridges and the uneven trails through the forests make Sikkim an ideal mountain biking destination in the country. Most of these expeditions originates from Gangtok and takes the bikers to destinations like Rumtek, Temi, Namchi, Sirwani, Jorethang, Melli and several others.

D. Mountaineering:

The lofty peaks around Sikkim also make it an idealistic mountaineering destination. Whether you are a beginner or an expert mountaineer, you can always find your dose of adrenaline in Sikkim. Also, it is in this part of the country, you can find several popular institutes that teaches and art and skill of mountaineering to the newbies.

E. Hang Gliding:

Though newly introduced in Sikkim, hang gliding is gaining mush attention and popularity in the state and is now counted as one of the most adventurousthings to do in Sikkim. Flying high above the snow-covered peaks, lush greeneries and pristine lakes and rivers has a unique and unmatched charm in itself!

F. Yak Safari:

Yak safaris in Sikkim might not sound adventurous to some, but it is indeed one of them! Riding over these gigantic mammals and discovering the enchanting beauty of Sikkim at a slow pace has its own charm and appeal and cannot be replaced by others. Most of these safaris are conducted from Gangtok and they takes the visitors to the scenic Tsomgo Lake.

4. Monastery Visits

Mostly dominated by the Buddhist cultures and faiths, Sikkim houses several monasteries across its length and breadth. Here are some of the must visit spiritual places to visit in Sikkim:

Rumtek Monastery

A. Rumtek Monastery:

Built in traditional Buddhist architecture, the Rumtek Monastery is the largest in the entire Eastern Himalayas. Located around 24km from the capital of Sikkim, the serenity, peace and tranquillity that dwells in here, makes it an ideal place to attain mental and spiritual solace.

B. Pemayangtse Monastery:

Translates into local Tibetan language, Pemayangtse means ‘Perfect Sublime Lotus’! Built in 1705, it is one of the oldest and highly devoted monasteries in Sikkim. If you happen to visit this monastery during January or February, you can witness the ‘Cham’ dance in the monastery premises.

C. Enchey Monastery:

Yet another enchanting and serene monasteries in Sikkim, the Enchi Monastery is around 200 years old. Built under the leadership of Thutob Namgyal, it is located on a hilltop in Gangtok and is one of the highest visited monasteries in Sikkim.

D. Phensang Monastery:

Visit this monastery during the tenth month of the Tibetan Calendar, and you can be a part of its annual function. Home to around 300 monks, this monastery was built in 1721 and is one of the oldest in the region.

E. Phodang Monastery:

Located around 28km from Sikkim’s capital, the Phadong Monastery is one of the best places to visit in Sikkim. Known to one of the most scenic structures of its own kind, it was built during the mid-18th century and is the home to 260 monks and some of the ancient Buddhist murals and paintings in the entire world.